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Attorney for pharmacy malpracticePharmacies act as a sort of ‘middle man’ between the doctors office and the patient, filling prescriptions as allowed for by the doctor.

While this is normally a basic procedure that is completed thousands of times a day, occasionally mistake are made.

When we are talking about drugs that will be taken by the patient, those mistakes can have very serious consequences.

If a patient is the victim of pharmacy malpractice, whether a simple mistake or overt negligence, that patient may be entitled to damages as a result of the harm they were caused.

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There are actually a variety of ways in which a pharmacy can commit malpractice.

Any of the listed actions below can be dangerous for the patient and could potentially point to malpractice on the part of the pharmacist or other employees.

  • Supplying the wrong medication
  • Incorrect instructions being given out with medication
  • Warning labels being covered up by instructions
  • Filling multiple prescriptions without warnings of mixed use

The effects of pharmacy malpractice could be minor, such as reduced effectiveness of the medication.

However, they could also be very serious and cause major health problems or even death.

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