Lemon Law Attorney in Fresno CAAlmost everyone experiences car trouble at some point in their lives. However, when car trouble occurs right after you purchase a new vehicle, it can be particularly distressing. A “lemon” refers to a vehicle that is purchased and begins having problems that cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts by a dealer or authorized manufacturer. In California, a “lemon law” exists to protect consumers from dealers who knowingly sell defective vehicles or vehicles with significant problems that render the vehicle barely drivable or undrivable at all.

When to Call a Lemon Law Attorney in Fresno, CA

If you recently purchased a vehicle and have had to have significant repairs done, you may qualify to seek legal recourse against the manufacturer or dealer of the vehicle. However, certain criteria must be met. This is when a seasoned lemon law attorney can be valuable. Your lawyer can review your vehicle repair records and determine whether or not you may be able to obtain a new vehicle that is “substantially similar” to the one you purchased, or a refund of your money.

At the office of Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer Carl L. Brown, we have worked with numerous individuals who purchased a “lemon” and have helped them get their money back or a new vehicle under California’s lemon law.

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