Defective Products Liability Attorney in Fresno, CA

Any business that sells consumer products has a responsibility to ensure that those products are safe for consumers to use.

Attorney for defective productsMost business take extreme care in making sure this is the case so they can avoid legal action down the line.

Unfortunately, some companies cut corners in an effort to make more money and neglect their responsibility to protect your well-being.

If you have been harmed by a defective product and wish to consider legal action, call our office today for a free consultation.

Carl Brown is experienced in personal injury law in the state of California and will work hard to protect you at each step of the way.

Virtually any product could be dangerous when manufactured in an improper manner.

There are countless examples throughout history that highlight the dangers that defective products can pose to the general public.

Some of the possible issues that could arise include:

  • Automotive recall for dangerous defect
  • Toys or home products with dangerous chemicals in the parts or the paint
  • Cribs that are unsafe for children to use

Even if you are unsure that you have been the victim of a defective products case, give our office a call for a free consultation.

We will be happy to go over the details of your situation with you and discuss what the possible courses of action look like. We are looking forward to taking up your case and working hard for your best interest.