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What Will a Wrongful Death Claim Pay For?

Posted on : May 16, 2015

When a loved one passes away, your world is turned upside down. Moving forward can be financially difficult when dealing with expenses related to your loved one’s death, like funeral costs and lost wages. If your loved one died as the result of an accident through no fault of his/her own, you may be eligible to bring forward a claim for compensation. What will a wrongful death claim pay for and what do you need to do to get started?

Funeral Expenses

If your loved one was killed unexpectedly in an accident that is deemed to be the fault of another person or company, you may be able to obtain compensation for your loved one’s funeral expenses. The average funeral costs well over $10,000, an expense that many families just aren’t prepared to pay, particularly when their loved one dies suddenly.

Medical Expenses

If your loved one was treated in a hospital or incurred medical expenses of any kind in relation to his/her death, you may be eligible to include these expenses in a wrongful death claim. For example, if your loved one died as the result of medical malpractice, you could include the hospital fees, doctor’s fees, and other medical expenses that were incurred during your loved one’s treatment.

However, in order for these expenses to be eligible, they must be directly related to the condition or situation that caused your loved one’s unexpected passing. An experienced wrongful death attorney can help you determine if your loved one’s medical expenses are eligible to be included on a wrongful death claim.

Lost Wages

If your loved one was the primary wage earner of the household, or contributed significantly to the family’s finances, you may be able to include lost wages in your claim for compensation. Depending on how much your loved one contributed financially and his/her age at the time of death, the court will approximate how much you will lose financially in the coming years as a result of your loved one’s passing. This figure may be added to medical and funeral expenses.

Lost Companionship & Emotional Trauma

Many wrongful death claims will include provisions for lost companionship or “consortium.” This means that the court has determined that a family has suffered or will suffer real, tangible emotional trauma as a result of their loved one’s death and the person or company who is being held accountable for the death must be financially responsible for the family’s emotional losses.

At the Law Office of Carl L. Brown, we can provide you with the zealous and compassionate legal representation you need when a loved one is the victim of an unforeseen and fatal accident. Contact an experienced wrongful death attorney at our office today by calling (559) 431-4400.

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