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4 Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on : March 12, 2015

The speed and thrill of riding a motorcycle is something second to none, and the joy of riding outweighs the risks involved. However, motorcycle accidents are something that every rider should think about and prepare for. Here are four common types of motorcycle accidents, and information regarding what you should do after being injured in a crash.

1. Collision With Another Vehicle

Many motorcycle accidents result when the motorcycle rider collides with another vehicle, such as a car or truck. These types of crashes can be very dangerous, and they can often result in serious injuries like broken bones, limb amputation, and head injuries. Often, these types of motorcycle accidents occur because the driver of the vehicle neglected to watch for motorcyclists or did not see the motorcyclist for some other reason.

2. Collision With an Inanimate Object

Some motorcycle accidents don’t involve another vehicle at all. Some crashes occur when a motorcyclist skids or loses control of his or her motorcycle. Motorcyclists often collide with guardrails, trees, mailboxes, buildings, traffic signs, and other inanimate objects for many different reasons. A tire suddenly going flat or losing control of the motorcycle when it is going too fast are common reasons that motorcyclists get into accidents with inanimate objects.

3. Unsafe Roadway Accidents

Unsafe roadways often lead to motorcycle accidents in California. Roadways that are wet or icy are particularly dangerous for motorcycles, and riders may find it much more difficult to navigate through rough roads or construction areas than cars. Unsafe roadways are responsible for many motorcycle accidents in Fresno and other cities in California.

4. Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accounts for many motorcycle accidents. Whether the motorcyclist is operating his or her bike under the influence of alcohol, or a rider collides with another driver who is intoxicated, alcohol frequently plays a significant role in these types of accidents. Drunk driving accidents are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists, because the risk of serious injury or death is much higher.

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