What Are the Most Common Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents?

Posted on : December 20, 2018
Have you recently been struck in an accident by a car that seemingly hit you out of nowhere? You may have grounds to pursue compensation through a pedestrian accident legal claim. Unfortunately, pedestrians are far more vulnerable to sustaining devastating...

Are Some Fresno County Intersections More Dangerous Than Others?

Posted on : November 19, 2018
New research indicates that some Fresno county intersections could be more dangerous than other, leading to a significant spike in the number of accidents and possible consequences for those who cause the accident. A recent study shows that there have...

Are Fresno Drivers Some of the Worst in Cali?

Posted on : October 15, 2018
Cities with bad drivers might be home to more vehicle accidents. Most people assume they live in the city with the worst drivers, but a recent study looked to explore what cities had the most dangerous drivers by taking multiple...

Are Guardrails Causing More Accidents?

Posted on : September 18, 2018
Did you know that a guardrail intended to protect you might not be made safely enough? New lawsuits have emerged in connection with a number of fatal accidents in which a guardrail modification could have led to fatal injuries. Guardrails...

Are Driver Tech Systems Making Accidents Worse?

Posted on : August 13, 2018
When you look into safety tips for your car or are thinking about buying a new one, do those advanced technical options make you more likely to buy? Research shows they could put you at risk of serious injuries in...

Research Explores Pedestrian Fatalities

Posted on : July 24, 2018
University of South Florida research targets pedestrian fatalities due to the rising number of accidents affecting people on foot. The University of South Florida Center for Urban Transportation Research recently looked at the factors that caused pedestrians to be more...

What Do You Need to Know About Evidence in Premises Liability Cases?

Posted on : June 30, 2018
Premesis Liability Attorney Carl Brown
What You Need to Know About Evidence in Premises Liability Cases Recently being hurt on another person’s property should prompt you to gather evidence as soon as possible. The evidence immediately around after the scene of the premises liability accident...

New Study Finds the Most Dangerous Day of the Week to Drive

Posted on : May 29, 2018
You can always run the risk of being hurt or hit behind the wheel, but Saturdays are worse than other times to be on the road. You might assume that anytime you get behind the wheel of your vehicle to...

2017 AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Study Shows That Many People Believe Distracted Driving Is a Leading Issue on The Roads

Posted on : April 20, 2018
Plenty of people recognize that there are dangerous behaviors that people can engage in behind the wheel that could expose everyone to the high risk of being involved in an accident. Being hurt in a preventable accident is a devastating...

Helmets and Motorcycle Accidents: Does it Make a Difference?

Posted on : March 23, 2018
Although it might seem like an obvious facet of motorcycle accident safety, only 19 states in the District of Columbia currently require motorcyclists to wear helmets. That’s in comparison to the fact that every state except New Hampshire has a...

What to Do If You Suspect an Unreliable Used Car Recently Caused Your Accident

Posted on : February 22, 2018
There are many different causes of personal injury incidents, and while another person who is behaving recklessly on the road may be partly responsible for your injuries, you might also suspect that a defective part or an unreliable used car...

What Forward Collision Mitigation Technology Means for Accidents

Posted on : January 29, 2018
truck accident lawyers should be hired
Heavy trucks have had forward collision mitigation technology installed for many different years. There’s also been a breadth of research and experience that shows that it could cut down on costs and save lives but people are still curious about...