Does Sharing Fault In an Accident Destroy My Case?

It’s critical that you never admit or suggest that you were at fault for a car accident, even if the evidence seems to indicate that you were. This can damage your case and make it challenging for you to obtain financial compensation. Here’s what you should understand and what your next step should be. 

Insurance Companies Don’t Work to Protect the Insured 

Contrary to popular belief, vehicle insurance providers don’t work to protect their customers. They work to protect their bottom line, and the more claims they pay, the harder that line takes a hit. They’ll do what they can to deny your claim, including placing the blame for the accident on you. 

How Your Car Accident Case Is Impacted If You Assume Fault  

Even claiming partial fault after an accident could have a detrimental impact on your collision case. It’s likely that your insurance company will deny your claim, or the other party’s insurance carrier will pin the blame on you, preventing you from obtaining reimbursement. 

If you should happen to take the case to court, chances are that your admissions of guilt will be twisted, exaggerated, and used against you by the other driver’s legal team. This makes it likelier that the jury will rule in their favor and not your own. 

Things You Shouldn’t Say During Your Case  

Often, seemingly innocent statements can cause problems for your car accident claim, whether you’re talking to the other driver, the police, or an insurance company representative. Don’t say things like “I’m sorry” or “I made a mistake,” because these can be misconstrued and used against you. 

If you say something like “I didn’t see you” or “I was distracted,” you could be held responsible for negligence. The same is true if you admit that your car was the problem but you haven’t had it fixed yet. 

Stick to giving the other party your contact details and insurance information. Ask them if they are okay or if they need an ambulance, but otherwise, avoid having a conversation with them or their passengers. 

How a California Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Car Accident 

It’s critical that you don’t wait after being involved in a motor vehicle collision to get legal help, even if you believe that you may be partially or wholly at fault for the incident. Call Carl Brown now for  more information about how to get compensation after a car accident at (559) 431-4400.