Are You At Risk for Complications After a Burn Injury?

Seriousness Of Burn Injuries


The seriousness of a burn injury is relative to its thickness and the area of skin it covers. The skin is the biggest organ in the body, providing a protective covering for the skeletal system, respiratory system, and circulatory system. If a large portion of the skin is damaged by a burn, it cannot protect the body as well, resulting in serious complications. Here’s what you should know. 




Hypothermia is a critical condition where the body’s internal temperature becomes too low. This can easily occur after the skin becomes damaged by a burn over a large portion of the body, much to the surprise of the average person. However, the skin provides the body with a way to regulate heat, and without it, the body loses heat faster than it can be generated. Hypothermia treatment usually involves heating the surface of the skin to quickly bring up body temperature, but this can be especially painful for burn patients. 




When the body’s blood vessels become damaged by a burn occurring over a large portion of the body, fluid and blood loss can occur. The overall volume of a patient’s blood goes down, resulting in hypovolemia. Hypovolemia can be treated with blood transfusions and IV fluids, but can be dangerous. When the body’s critical organs don’t get enough oxygenated blood, they can begin to shut down, leading to total organ failure. 


Joint Disorders 


While burn survivors’ bones are typically left intact, joints and surrounding bones are often painful during and after healing. Healing skin forms scar tissue that is quite unlike healthy skin — it’s pink, shiny, and tight, and can cause the limbs to twist or stretch in abnormal ways. This may cause joints to dislocate, which can be permanent in some instances. 


Systemic Infection 


One of the most serious complications of widespread burns across the body is sepsis — an infection of the blood that carries bacteria throughout the body and across every system. Healthy skin normally does an excellent job of keeping harmful bacteria from the environment out of the body, but may no longer be able to do so well after being damaged by a burn. 


Why Reach Out to an Experienced California Personal Injury Lawyer 


Being burned is a devastating experience that leaves a person permanently changed. If you were the victim of a burn accident caused by the negligence or carelessness of someone else, they should be held responsible. Contact Injury Lawyer Carl Brown today for more information or to book a consultation to discuss your legal options at (559) 431-4400.