Are Some Fresno County Intersections More Dangerous Than Others?

New research indicates that some Fresno county intersections could be more dangerous than other, leading to a significant spike in the number of accidents and possible consequences for those who cause the accident. A recent study shows that there have been three serious crashes at one Fresno intersection since February 2018. One of those Fresno intersection accidents was deadly, leading officials to wonder why there has been a spike in this particular area.

The intersection of Del Rey and McKinley has been the focus of a local news station’s eyewitness investigation program. There are only two stop signs at this intersection and some residents and drivers in the area argue that traffic doesn’t stop at this intersection. Over the course of just a couple of months, several serious crashes have occurred at that same location.

Those who live and work in the area argue that more needs to be done before another serious or fatal accident occurs. Those who have been personally connected to people hurt or killed in the recent accidents argue that each one of the accidents that occurred at the same intersection involves some type of driver error. They believe that more needs to be done and experts from the Fresno county supervisor’s office are looking into having a study come back from the county roads department that could provide further information.

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