Are Fresno Drivers Some of the Worst in Cali?

Cities with bad drivers might be home to more vehicle accidents. Most people assume they live in the city with the worst drivers, but a recent study looked to explore what cities had the most dangerous drivers by taking multiple factors into consideration.

If you’ve already been hurt in an accident with a Fresno driver, you must be prepared to consult with a personal injury lawyer immediately. Only a personal injury attorney can tell you more about your specific rights to recover compensation and can help you with the specifics of the legal process.

Make sure that you retain a personal injury lawyer who is knowledgeable with how the courts in Fresno work and will keep you informed about your case once you decide to file. The insurance news site, QuoteWizard, recently explored 75 big cities across the United States to analyze which one had the worst drivers.

Fresno ranks 24th in the nation out of 75 big cities and when it comes to California cities, Fresno drivers are in the top five. In fact, Fresno ranks behind Riverside, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield.

However, this isn’t the type of ranking that any Fresno resident or commuter would like to see increase any further.

Many of the most common causes of serious Fresno accidents are due to another person’s negligence. Human error accounts for most of the severe car crashes in California and Fresno, and that’s why California personal injury law enables victims to pursue compensation through a lawsuit.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident in Fresno and it is because another person wasn’t paying attention or was violating the rules of the road, you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately to protect yourself, your future and all of the rights you retain under existing California personal injury laws as a victim.