Are Guardrails Causing More Accidents?

Did you know that a guardrail intended to protect you might not be made safely enough? New lawsuits have emerged in connection with a number of fatal accidents in which a guardrail modification could have led to fatal injuries. Guardrails are supposed to be made with particular specifications in order to cut down on the chances that a person’s car will spin off the road.

A guardrail is intended to protect people who go off the road due to an accident, from suffering any further injuries. Plenty of studies and standards have been developed around what guardrails should look like and what materials should be used in order to minimize the potential for dangers. California recently announced that they will no longer use or install the X-LITE guardrails which have been connected with at least nine deaths across the country. One of those deaths occurred in San Diego County.

The X-LITE guardrail was hit by drivers in nine accidents in which a fatality was recorded and many consumers are coming forward to allege that these were damaged or defective. Many of the X-LITE guardrails have been installed along Interstate 15 and Interstate 8 in California. 20% of the total number of these terminal guardrails systems was installed on roadways in San Diego county. A guardrail that has not been appropriately developed or installed could cause more severe injuries.

Safety risks associated with a defective guardrail might lead a person who has been critically injured in an accident or someone who has lost a loved one as a result of a defective guardrail to initiate a lawsuit against a responsible party. If you believe that a guardrail caused more severe injuries or killed your loved one and that the accident could have been avoided, you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer today to identify your options to lodge a lawsuit.