Are Driver Tech Systems Making Accidents Worse?

When you look into safety tips for your car or are thinking about buying a new one, do those advanced technical options make you more likely to buy? Research shows they could put you at risk of serious injuries in an accident.

Driver safety systems now can help to avoid as well as cause crashes, according to a recent study. Although technology can help drivers handle numerous different tasks, motorists have a tendency to become more distracted and less focused on the road, and they could even fail to respond if an emergency occurs. Self-driving technology can lead to devastating results, according to a new study, particularly if motorists are not prepared to be able to retake manual control. That’s according to a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study.

A series of track tests and on-road tests with four different manufacturers identified that vehicles failed to stop at times because the technology did not recognize possible obstacles. In other cases, the vehicle would have steered into a crash if the driver was not able to intervene and take over. If the system seems too capable, then drivers might not give the appropriate attention to be able to tell when an emergency is unfolding. Routine tasks like keeping vehicles in their lanes and automatically adapting to traffic flow means that motorists might get less vigilant and then drivers might not be able to respond if there is an emergency.

During numerous on-road tests, engineers with the IIHS found that on many different occasions the models made by Volvo, Mercedes, and BMW failed to respond to stopped vehicles, despite having been rated as superior in previous tests completed by the trade group. Unfortunately, serious accidents can and do occur, which put victims such as other motorists and pedestrians at risk of critical injuries. If you need help with filing a legal claim, you need to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer today.