What Do You Need to Know About Evidence in Premises Liability Cases?

What You Need to Know About Evidence in Premises Liability Cases

Recently being hurt on another person’s property should prompt you to gather evidence as soon as possible. The evidence immediately around after the scene of the premises liability accident may help you to sort out what could have caused the incident to begin with and may prove pertinent in your personal injury case.


Whether you tripped and fell because of a tremendous pothole outside or slipped and fell inside a grocery store or were seriously hurt on someone else’s property in another way, you must be able to prove that the business owner was negligent, and this begins with the collection of evidence.

Evidence must be used in order to support your claim. First of all, you will need to show that the person against whom you are making the claim, is the occupier or owner of the premises on which you were injured, that you sustained harm, and that the injuries you sustained in the accident are directly associated with negligence on the part of the other party such as failing to fix the unsafe condition or warn you about the condition.

Kinds of Evidence to Secure After the Accident

There are many different types of evidence that make proof important in your premises liability case. The evidence you need inside your case will depend on the unique circumstances of your legal claim and what it is that you need to prove.

Some of the most common types of evidence used in premises liability cases include:

  •      Accident reports.
  •      Photographs.
  •      Lease agreements or property records.
  •      Medical records showing the extent of your injuries.
  •      Medical bills illustrating the financial damages in your life.
  •      Insurance policies.
  •      Tax returns and pay stubs to help illustrate the lost time at work and associated damages.
  •      Reports from expert witnesses.
  •      Witness testimony.

Collecting all of these various types of evidence can be overwhelming if you do not have the support of an experienced premises liability attorney to help you. Idiart Injury Lawyers help those victims who have suffered in a serious accident caused by another person’s negligence in a premises liability case.