New Study Finds the Most Dangerous Day of the Week to Drive

You can always run the risk of being hurt or hit behind the wheel, but Saturdays are worse than other times to be on the road.

You might assume that anytime you get behind the wheel of your vehicle to make that morning commute, that you are at high risk of being involved in a catastrophic accident, but a new study analyzing the data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration actually finds that Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to drive.

The study looked at 2016 data associated with fatalities on the road and found that the afternoon commute was associated with the highest risk of deadly accidents when compared with the morning. Saturday was the most dangerous day to drive since it represented a number 53% higher in terms of crash related fatalities when compared with Tuesday, the safest day of the week to drive. Friday and Sunday came in at numbers two and three for the riskiest days of the week to be on the road.

Unfortunately, many people may be under the impression that it is not as dangerous to drive on the weekends as it is during the morning and afternoon commutes when people are trying to get to and from their destinations.

This can lead to a false sense of confidence and many people do not realize that they can be at risk of a serious vehicle accident and the associated side effects at any point in time. Being hurt in an accident can have devastating consequences in the form of severe injuries from which a victim may never be able to fully recover. Those individuals who are hurt in a serious vehicle accident may need the support of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the only way to recover compensation when someone else has caused an incident that has led to severe injuries.