2017 AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Study Shows That Many People Believe Distracted Driving Is a Leading Issue on The Roads

Plenty of people recognize that there are dangerous behaviors that people can engage in behind the wheel that could expose everyone to the high risk of being involved in an accident. Being hurt in a preventable accident is a devastating experience particularly when you suffer critical medical conditions from which you may never fully recover.

Many people believe that one of the biggest issues associated with accidents today is distracted driving. A new survey finds that 88% of drivers believe that distracted driving is on the rise and that it is more influential than other risky behaviors. People have long known that there are serious consequences to drinking and driving, for example, or of driving a car that has not had the right maintenance completed on it.

However, many people brush under the rug the serious consequences associated with distracted driving, assuming that they will be able to avoid the type of distracted driving behavior that could end up in an accident. Because of this disconnect between what people believe and what actually happens on the road, far too many people realize that distracted driving is devastating and can even lead to fatal accidents far too late.

Someone hurt in a distracted driving accident may not be able to return to work or live their life as normally as they did prior to the incident. Furthermore, this could lead to criminal or civil consequences for the person who was distracted behind the wheel. The stakes are extremely high with distracted driving accidents and far too many people make the mistake of failing to get the help that they need after a critical distracted driving accident.  

Distracted driving, despite its clear dangers, is still a leading cause of personal injury claims. Far too often, it’s the victim in such an accident who pays the price with serious injuries and pain. For the family members, it can be impossible to go on with the loss of income.