What Forward Collision Mitigation Technology Means for Accidents

Heavy trucks have had forward collision mitigation technology installed for many different years. There’s also been a breadth of research and experience that shows that it could cut down on costs and save lives but people are still curious about whether or not the federal government will require forward collision mitigation technology. These advanced driver assistance systems can help by providing emergency takeover functions or technology driven alerts that can advise a driver about a coming problem.

More technology is being developed for passenger cars as well as trucks to help alert people to problems before they happen on the road. When an accident happens, it can leave behind a wake of devastation. With commercial trucks being so big, it’s important to find a lawyer you can trust if you’ve already been hurt in an accident. Medical conditions like TBIs and spinal cord paralysis are all more common with trucking accidents, making the victim much more likely to suffer severe outcomes.

In 2015 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced their initial mandate for all class 7 or 8 tractors to have what is known as an electronic stability control system. These systems help to prevent loss of control accidents and roll-over accidents. It was expected that the decrease in the number of trucking accidents would lead to economic benefits of more than $300 million every year. When it comes to video technology being used to mitigate prospective accidents affecting trucks, many truck drivers are curious about whether or not this is an invasion of privacy and how far these computer systems will go to truly warn them of problems ahead of time.

Trucking accidents are one of the leading causes of catastrophic injuries and fatalities across the United States. Trucking companies are often mindful of safety procedures and appropriate hiring rules that will help them to cut down on the chances of a catastrophic accident but these incidents still happen on roadways throughout America, leaving victims being the ones to pay the price in the form of severe injuries and painful accidents. A truck accident should not mean you can’t live life normally again if someone else caused it.