Expert Witness: Does Your Car Accident Case Need One?

There are generally two different types of witnesses in a car accident case: expert witnesses and lay witnesses. Both can be valuable to your case. However, an expert witness is usually more so because the court gives more weight to their testimony. Here’s why your car accident case should have at least one expert witness. Also, find out how their testimony can help increase your chances of receiving the maximum settlement available.


First, Evaluate Lay Witnesses


A lay witness is usually a passerby who was at the scene of the accident and saw the wreck. They can provide testimony as to what actually occurred. If, for example, the other driver ran a red light or failed to yield and caused the collision, one or more lay witnesses can provide verbal or written testimony. This is particularly useful if the other driver’s insurance company is suggesting you may be partially or wholly at fault for the accident. Always secure lay witness testimony as soon as possible after the accident occurs.


Next, Find Out What Expert Witnesses Would Be Helpful to Your Claim


An expert witness is typically a specialist in their field. For example, a medical doctor, an accident reconstructionist, and an economist would all be considered experts in their chosen subject. Your attorney will evaluate your case and determine which experts would be most beneficial to work with. For example, if the accident happened in an area where security cameras captured footage of what happened, a reconstructionist is unlikely to be necessary. But if you need help illustrating to the court why your injuries prevent you from being able to work, a medical doctor with specific training in the type of injury you suffered would be essential.


Expert witnesses are often the key to obtaining the maximum amount of compensation possible from a car accident claim, making them extremely valuable and arguably necessary for moderate to large size claims.


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