When Veterinary Technicians Can Sue for Animal Attacks

One of the most common places a dog will bite or attempt to attack is at the vet’s office. The environment smells of fear to a dog. When coupled with illness, injury, and uncomfortable or painful procedures, even a docile dog could be provoked to attack. Some would argue that this risk is “just part of the job”. However, there are some situations that may allow a veterinary technician to seek compensation for any injury sustained from an aggressive dog.


An Owner’s Responsibility


If a person owns a dog with an aggressive past, it’s their obligation to inform staff at the veterinary clinic. Take the right precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. Therefore, if the owner fails to notify veterinary staff that they are at additional risk with this particular dog and one of the staff members is injured, the owner may be the subject of a dog bite claim to compensate for injury.


A Veterinarian’s Responsibility


Veterinarians and vet clinic owners are responsible for teaching their staff how to care for injured and ill dogs. This also includes formal training on how to protect themselves from an attack or bite from an aggressive dog. Therefore, if a vet or a facility owner fails to provide this training to staff members and one of them is injured by an aggressive dog, the victim could hold the veterinarian or clinic owner accountable for damages.


Getting the Evidence You Need


In order to bring forward a claim against the owner of the clinic or the chief veterinarian, an injured vet tech should have evidence that proves they were not properly trained in dog bite safety and had no knowledge of how to appropriately handle dogs that become aggressive. To bring a claim against a dog owner, a vet or vet tech should have evidence that the owner knew, prior to bringing their dog into the clinic, that it was aggressive and did not inform the clinic of such.


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