The Dangers of Left Turn Accidents for Motorcyclists

No matter how a motorcycle accident occurs, it can be dangerous and even deadly for the motorcyclist. However, certain driving behaviors pose more risk to a motorcyclist than others. Are motor vehicles turning left a danger to motorcycle drivers driving straight? Here’s what you need to know.


38% of Motorcycle Crashes in 2011 Resulted from Left Turns


In 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published data that reported out of 1,998 motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle, 38% of them were caused by a vehicle that was turning left while the motorcyclist was driving straight across an intersection or passing the driver. This means that all other causes of motorcycle accidents — including crashes with inanimate objects and rear end collisions — comprised just over half the total accidents in 2011.


Who Could Be Liable for Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents?


Most often, the driver turning left is considered liable for any accidents. This may even be the case in situations where the person is turning left with a green arrow. The driver still is responsible for being aware of his or her surroundings and obeying traffic laws. However, it’s crucial to complete a thorough accident reconstruction. This can determine what exactly may have happened to cause the collision. Additionally, fault could be assigned to one person or shared among the drivers.


When to Contact a Motorcycle Attorney


If you or a loved one were involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s important that you have an ally on your side fighting for your rights and best interests. Be confident that the insurance company is not on your side, despite how they present themselves. The job of the insurance company is simple. They want to save as much money as possible by paying out as little as possible in a settlement.


At the Law Offices of Carl L. Brown, we have the resources and experience to help motorcycle accident victims stand up for their rights. Also, our attorneys help to recover the full and fair compensation the motorcyclist deserves for devastating and life-changing injuries.


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