Top Examples of Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents may sound like no big deal to some people. The truth is, some slip and falls result in broken bones, head injuries, and in rare cases, even death. Learn about the most common types of injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents and how to get the compensation you and your family deserve for your suffering.

Head Injuries


Head injuries are arguably the most common of all slip and fall accident injuries. Typically, these are closed head injuries. They occur when the victim slips on a liquid or uneven ground and hits their head on a shelf, counter, or floor. Most head injuries from slip and fall accidents are concussions. However, some people may have more going on, such as a brain bleed.


Broken Hip


Slip and fall accidents are highly likely to result in a broken hip, especially in elderly individuals, because of the way the human body naturally falls. It’s normal to twist the body to land on the rear or the hip to protect the face and back. However, this exposes the hip and in most cases of a broken hip, surgery is required to stabilize the bones. In some cases, a hip replacement may be necessary.


Sprains and Strains


Sprains and strains on the joints are common in slip and fall accidents, particularly in the ankle and wrist joints. It’s not uncommon for victims to “roll” or sprain their ankle before their fall as they’re slipping or tripping, and they may sprain their wrists if they are able to brace their fall by putting their hands out towards the ground.


No matter what type of injury you received in a slip and fall accident, two things are crucial.


1) You must obtain medical help as soon as possible following the incident. Not only will seeking a doctor’s care help solidify your claim, it will also help ensure that there are no serious injuries that require emergency treatment. This is especially true when a victim’s head is impacted in the fall.


2) You must contact a slip and fall lawyer when you are able in order to begin piecing together a claim for compensation. Medical expenses and lost wages add up fast to put a family in financial crisis, and an attorney can help lessen this likelihood by putting pressure on at fault parties and insurance companies.


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