Forensic Analysis of Car Accidents

One of the most important aspects of a car accident claim is the forensic analysis of the accident itself. This investigation turns up critical evidence proving how the accident occurred, injuries sustained, and most importantly, who is considered at fault. Here’s what you need to know about the forensic analysis of a motor vehicle collision.


The Physics of a Car Accident


The physics of a collision — that is, the calculation of the vehicles’ masses and the distance traveled after the crash — provides information about the speed, of each vehicle.


Skid marks can also provide information about whether either vehicle applied their brakes and when. This information is critical because if one or both vehicles were speeding, it can prove fault. If both parties are speeding, fault may be shared. Then, the person with less fault will only receive partial compensation.


Accident Photographs


One of the most important pieces of forensic evidence of a car accident is photos of the scene. Because the vehicles involved in the accident need to be moved off the road quickly, analysts are not able to analyze the scene in detail. Photos taken of the accident before the vehicles are moved can determine what happened before, during, and after the accident.


Photographs document injuries before they are cleaned and stitched up at the hospital, when they may look infinitely better. Recording the severity of injuries directly after the accident can help illustrate what actually occurred in the crash.


Why Forensic Evidence Matters


In criminal cases, a person cannot be jailed for a crime without evidence. Similarly, it’s impossible for an insurance company, or even a court, to award compensation to an injured party without evidence of the car accident and the subsequent injuries. When added to hospital bills and other forms of evidence, forensic evidence can be very powerful in bolstering a case for compensation for the accident victim.


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