What You Need to Know As a Vehicle Rollover Accident Victim

Were you hurt in a vehicle rollover accident? If so, you may be able to compensation.

Your Life May Be Forever Changed


Vehicle rollover accidents result in critical injuries or death more often than other types of car accidents. Life will never be the same if you were catastrophically injured or lost a loved one in the accident. It is important to understand this as you move through the complex California court system.


More Than One Party May Be At Fault


Vehicle rollover cases are complex, because often, there is more than one at-fault party. For example, if a drunk driver caused a crash and the design of the vehicle caused it to roll, it may be possible to hold both the drunk driver and the vehicle manufacturer legally liable for the accident.


Evidence Plays a Crucial Role


While evidence is important to all accident cases, it is even more so in a vehicle rollover case. This is particularly true if the vehicle manufacturer is held responsible for design flaws or defects that caused the vehicle to roll. Forms of evidence may include medical records, accident photographs, and even information about other rollover accidents that happened in the same vehicle.


A Car Accident Attorney is Your Ally


After a car accident, many people are scared and confused. Because of this, they often accept the insurance company’s first settlement offer. However, this amount generally is too low to cover all of the expenses related to a vehicle rollover.


An experienced car accident attorney can be your ally during your time of need. Your lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company for the highest settlement award possible. Additionally, an attorney is important to have when multiple defendants are named.


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