Car Accidents & Burn Injuries

One of the most terrifying injuries that can occur in a car accident is a burn. After an accident, there is a very real possibility that the vehicle(s) involved will catch fire, and if they do before the injured parties are able to get out, the results can be serious and even deadly. Here’s what you need to know about car accidents and burn injuries.


Second & Third Degree Burns from a Car Accident


The most common types of burns sustained in a car accident are second and third degree burns. Second degree burns can be either partial thickness or full thickness, and full thickness degree burns involve almost all layers of the skin. Often, second degree burns require skin grafting and extensive medical treatment if these burns cover a large portion of the body.


Third degree burns involve every layer of skin, leaving them completely destroyed in the area that was burned. Third degree burns require skin grafting and can increase the risk of dehydration, infection, and death if third degree burns cover significant areas of the body.


A first degree burn is usually not seen as the result of a fire caused by a car accident — you might consider a first degree burn like a sunburn or if you briefly touch a hot stove.


What Causes Cars to Catch Fire After a Collision?


A car fire can start after an accident in one or more ways. If the fuel tank was damaged and is leaking or the fuel tank bursts, the fuel can catch fire with the heat generated by the impact. Additionally, an engine can burst into flames after it is crushed in an accident.


Who to Call When You or a Loved One Have Been Burned in a Car Crash


Burns from a car crash are usually serious and require specialized medical care. In many cases, victims must be treated at hospitals that are specifically equipped to handle serious burns. Burns are extremely painful and the pain can be difficult to control. There’s a higher chance that the victim will be permanently scarred or disfigured.


If you or a loved one have suffered a burn from a car accident, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. At the Law Offices of Carl L. Brown, we will aggressively fight for you to receive full and fair financial restitution. Contact a car accident lawyer today at (559) 431-4400.