6 Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are common in California, and they are extremely dangerous and often result in serious or life-threatening injuries. Here are 6 common ways that pedestrian accidents occur, and what you can do if you or a loved one were the victim of a pedestrian accident.


1. Vehicles That Back Into Pedestrians


A vehicle that is backing out of a parking space or a driveway can easily hit a pedestrian if the driver isn’t adequately aware of his or her surroundings.


2. Vehicles That Sideswipe Pedestrians on the Side of the Road


When a pedestrian is walking along the side of the road, a car or truck can sideswipe them if they do not see the pedestrian, or if they lose control of the vehicle at the wrong time. This often occurs at night, when pedestrians are more difficult to see.


3. Pedestrians Crossing When Vehicles Are Making a Left Turn at an Intersection


If a vehicle is making a left turn at an intersection, they may strike a pedestrian if the person is crossing the intersection where the vehicle is turning into. Cars and trucks must be aware of pedestrian crosswalks at intersections, in addition to watching for oncoming traffic when turning left.


4. Children Crossing the Road to Get on a School Bus


Unfortunately, school bus crossing accidents are a contributor to injuries and deaths. Children and parents who are crossing the road to get on or off a school bus may be hit by oncoming traffic that has failed to yield to the flashing lights and stop signals of the school bus.


5. Jaywalking


Pedestrians who jaywalk and who cross the road at places other than where there is a marked intersection may be more at risk for getting hit by an oncoming vehicle than pedestrians who cross within marked intersections.


6. Pedestrians Who Are Checking Their Mail


In many rural areas, mailboxes are on the other side of the road. Pedestrians must cross the road to check their mail, and a vehicle driver who is not maintaining awareness of his or her surroundings may hit the pedestrian.


If you or a loved one have been the victim of a pedestrian accident, you are likely facing significant costs, including medical expenses and lost wages. You may be eligible for compensation. Contact the Law Offices of Carl L. Brown today for a consultation to discuss your legal options by calling (559) 431-4400.