Calculating the Damages of Your Car Accident Case

When you make a decision to bring forward a car accident claim, the first thing you must do is consult with an experienced car accident lawyer in your area. This consultation will help you find out what damages you may be able to claim and how much your claim may be worth. Below is an example of some of the standard damages that are included in car accident cases.


Medical Expenses


All medical expenses related to the accident are generally considered reimbursable in a car accident claim. However, the insurance company or the attorney of the other driver may attempt to attribute some or all medical expenses to previous injuries in order to avoid paying out. Additionally, future medical expenses may be included if the injuries and conditions caused by the accident will result in you continuing to incur medical expenses in the future … and potentially for the rest of your life.


Vehicle Damage


Damage to your vehicle or other personal property is typically included in a car accident case. With concrete expenses like medical bills and vehicle damage, what is paid out is exactly what you incurred as a result of the crash.


Lost Wages


If you missed a fair amount of work due to the accident, lost wages may be included in your claim. However, it’s important to remember that hourly wages are not the only form of compensable lost wages. Paid time off or vacation time that you would have earned may also be included.



Emotional Trauma & Psychological Suffering


Where car accident cases get complicated is when non-concrete damages are sought. It can be difficult to put a monetary value on pain and suffering; however, there are formulas that car accident attorneys are able to use to help you seek the maximum amount of restitution for emotional trauma.


Punitive Damages


Punitive damages are often awarded in car accident cases where the other driver has made an egregious error or they were exceptionally negligent or careless when they caused the crash. Punitive damages are intended to “punish” the other party to ensure that the same does not happen again.



In order to get an accurate estimate on what your car accident claim may be worth, it’s critical to speak with an attorney as soon as possible following the crash. Contact the Law Offices of Carl L. Brown today to schedule a consultation to discuss your claim in detail by calling (559) 431-4400.